Good toothpaste recommendation to solve gum recession and loose teeth

I cured my periodontal disease at home, starting with Unitein Toothpaste

“…One month later, the gums on one side almost recovered, and I was able to eat a normal diet. After two years of using Uniteren toothpaste, the gums on both sides basically returned to normal, and I can chew things…” ~ Dr. Kwak Do Young (60 year-old college professor)
Unitein Toothpaste 尤尼特仁—韓國 神通牙膏
Users' Testimonial

The miraculous story of a 60-year-old Korean professor using Unitein toothpaste

“I used to have weak gums and often bleed for a period of time, so I went to the dental clinic. The dentist said that the weak gums are difficult to plant teeth. It is recommended to pull out the teeth first and wait for a period of time for the gums to recover before planting teeth. I refused to extract the teeth on the spot. After returning home, I tried so hard to brush my teeth with an interdental toothbrush, etc. I finally came across Uniteren toothpaste. I felt the pain was relieved at the beginning of use, the bleeding gradually decreased, and the gums stopped bleeding after a few days. This not only brought me a good mood, but actually, the gums are recovering During this period, I used other toothpaste to brush my teeth, but my gums were sore and cold and painful again. Uniteren toothpaste added a variety of herbal medicines, which made the taste comfortable after brushing my teeth. It would not prevent me from brushing my teeth several times a day. I insist on brushing my teeth after meals and before going to bed every day. One month later, the gums on one side almost recovered, and I was able to eat a normal diet. After two years of using Uniteren toothpaste, the gums on both sides basically returned to normal, and I can chew things. Occasionally, eating nuts inadvertently is no problem. Uni Teren toothpaste really helped my gums recover a lot. Finally, I emphasize that the management of the gums requires an interdental toothbrush for brushing after meals, and the use of non-irritating Uniteren toothpaste is the icing on the cake. ”
Unitein Toothpaste Ingredients

Why is Unitein toothpaste so amazing?

1. Unitein Toothpaste: The biggest feature is: It combines modern scientific research technology with two ancient ingredients-frankincense and myrrh.

2. Frankincense has been used in oral care since ancient times; Myrrh was called a “mysterious medicine” in the ancient West, and it was used as a traditional Chinese medicine in Eastern Chinese medicine. The “Bible-Old Testament” records that when Jesus was born, the oriental doctors offered frankincense, myrrh and gold as congratulatory gifts, so in ancient times, frankincense, myrrh and gold were equally precious tributes.

3. Unitein Toothpaste is added with premium frankincense sap imported from Greece, which has remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and also has natural antiseptic effects. Myrrh has antibacterial, immune-boosting, and blood-purifying effects.

4. Unitein Toothpaste also has a very precious main ingredient—red ginseng that has been “nine steamed and nine exposed”.

5. Nine times of steaming and nine times of exposure means nine times of steaming and nine times of drying, the purpose is to extract the active ingredient saponin in red ginseng to the maximum extent. At present, in most red ginseng, the saponin that can be absorbed by the human body does not exceed 13%. Red ginseng processed after “nine steams and nine exposures” has 80% of the saponin that can be absorbed by the human body, which greatly improves the health of the body. Medicinal efficacy of red ginseng products.

UNITEIN Toothpaste Users’ Feedback

Loose teeth become firm

“Suffering from rheumatism for 10 years, bad breath and loose teeth. After using Uniteren toothpaste for about two months, the loose teeth became firmer, and the oral health recovered a lot. I have used many kinds of toothpaste in my life, and I dare say Uniteren Teren toothpaste is the best.” ~ Mr. Xu (over 50 years old)

Symptoms of tooth soreness disappear

“The teeth and gums are sore and cold. I go to the dentist once a week to treat the nerves of the teeth. After using Uniteren toothpaste for 3 days (twice a day), the symptoms of sore and cold teeth have disappeared.” ~Mr. Li (over 60 years old)

Remove bad breath

“Because of smoking and drinking all the year round, nicotine tartar is serious. Less than two months after using Uniteren toothpaste, the tartar has completely disappeared, the smell of smoke in the mouth has completely disappeared, and a natural refreshing feeling has been added to the mouth.” ~ Kim Jae-in (50 age) Domoon International Co., Ltd.